Event Design

Whether it is at your home, outside, at a restaurant, a museum or a hotel, the site is only the start in making your event happen. Snazzy Soiree will customize an atmosphere of elegant simplicity, outrageous extravagance, or just plain comfort.

There are many reasons to host a special event, and it is important that each guest has the desired experience. We work with all types of personal and corporate events and create the appropriate atmosphere. We use a variety of means to achieve a feeling including food, flowers, decor, lighting, entertainment, etc. Some ideas we have completed are:

Social Events:

New Year’s Eve
Holiday party
International Festival (Diwali, Eid)

"So many compliments from my friends and family about you, the décor, and the wedding party said, without you we would be lost!! And joked how Shawn would have stressed everyone out without you. I...

Tahsin, yesterday was perfect and we are your greatest fans. Thank you so much for everything. It was perfect. Just perfect. Hope you got some rest today! Lots of love to you. You are the most amaz...

"Tahsin was a dream come true and not only that, she will be a dear friend for life. When my husband Shawn and I planned our wedding this past April, we were facing a lot of change. I explained to ...

"Tahsin is such a pleasure to work with. She is warm, friendly, understanding and accommodating and extremely professional. Her attention to detail is what makes her and her events top notch, becau...

"Tahsin is a gifted master of her craft. She brings a uniquely creative and artistic element to event staging and planning. From personally attending several of her events, I was able to see the tr...

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